Marcia Gutierrez

When viewing the world I have always seen it thru a lens. There are so many details and stories to discover when looking at life this way. I love “Street Photography’ where I can capture those moments that tell a story. Form, color, texture are also discovered when I walk thru the countryside or streets and back alleys of a village, town or city.

Having begun my work in photography with film and darkroom development I, at first, fought the digital world of photography. Then I jumped into it head first. I love how one can create so many different moods from one photo. Each time I work on a new piece there is an intimate relationship that develops between the photographer and the subject. I discover more than what was initially seen. I reinvent or just do some simple readjustments. Sometimes both. I can spend days working on a piece, sometimes longer—leaving it to form its own story so I can come back and finish.

You are welcome to explore this site of my work and if you have any question or are interested in any of my work please feel free to contact me at:

Thanks for your time!

Marcia G